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Marina & Yacht Club

The Sailfish Point Marina and Yacht Club is one of the finest private yacht clubs in Florida, and it is the launch point for many boating and angling adventures.

Take in South Florida's breathtaking coast

At Sailfish Point, there is, quite literally, water everywhere. The waters of the Gulf Stream teem with dolphin, wahoo, and kingfish in addition to the celebrated local sailfish. And for light-tackle anglers, the St. Lucie Inlet and the Indian River offer up tarpon, snook, redfish, and sea trout.

The Sailfish Point Marina and Yacht Club is one of the largest bulkheaded, privately owned marinas in Florida. The private, full-service, deepwater marina offers 77 slips and can accommodate personal watercraft and vessels up to 125 feet long. The easy access and incredible quality of the Sailfish Point Marina and Yacht Club prompted Links magazine to name it one of seven “Best for Boating” communities—selected from premier properties all across the country.

Charters, private cruises, daytrips and fishing tournaments can all be arranged through the professional staff. Whether they fish or just cruise, most residents appreciate the fast access to water. With the Bahamas only 75 miles to the east, many enjoy a fun cruise to the islands. Others cruise through the Okeechobee Waterway to the Gulf of Mexico for a day trip. Residents love their life on the coast at Sailfish Point.

Oceanfront Clubhouse - Premier dining and breathtaking views

Overlooking the Atlantic waters, the 60,000 square foot Florida Oceanfront Clubhouse serves as the social gathering place for the multitude of activities that make Sailfish Point a sensational place to live.

The center of the Sailfish Point community is the Oceanfront Clubhouse, where friends meet to exchange golf and fishing tales by day and share drinks or a meal in the evening.

Dining at Sailfish Point Oceanfront Clubhouse is a highlight for many residents. Our mild coastal weather often lures diners to the al fresco service at the oceanside beach club and lounge, where diners have trouble deciding whether the astounding views or the delicious food is the main attraction.

Special occasions call for a jacket, tie, and the more formal setting of the fine dining room. Chefs regularly outdo themselves to provide a tempting array of delectable entrées, pastries, and desserts.

Both the casual beach club and the formal dining room offer a level of dining that residents describe as “premiere” and “equal to a 5-star resort.” A take-out and delivery service makes enjoying incredible clubhouse meals even more convenient.

From the Welcome Back party in January to the themed wine dinners, the clubhouse’s full calendar of events offers something for every taste and interest. The clubhouse is also an ideal site for your own special event including birthdays and weddings, parties and banquets, anniversaries and casual drinks. Come see why the Oceanfront Clubhouse is the hub of many pleasant Sailfish Point gatherings.

Clubhouse Pool

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of reading or simply come to catch up with old friends and discover new ones at the Clubhouse Pool.

Even though most homes in Sailfish Point have private pools, there is something great about the camaraderie at the clubhouse pool. With its wide decks, cheerful shade umbrellas, decorative pergolas, cozy chairs, and ocean views, the Clubhouse Pool is often the site of poolside parties—planned or spontaneous.

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