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Anguilla is uncomplicated and unspoiled, a casual paradise where locals are friendly, food is remarkable and arriving is belonging. Anguilla is the island life – and home – you long for.

anguilla the adventure

Anguilla-the-tiny offers a huge range of adventures. Snorkeling and diving are good everywhere and sunken ships have attracted schools of colorful fish. Nearby islands – Prickly Pear, Scilly Cay and Sandy – are destinations for snorkeling, water skiing, kite surfing, picnics, beach volleyball, shell collecting and catamaran sailing. Little Bay Harbor is a blue lagoon accessible only by boat, with caves to explore, a beach to stroll and rocks to jump from.

explore island dining

Anguilla is famous for its many and varied restaurants: Blanchard’s, both beach shack and fine-dining version, is the granddaddy of dining destinations, and the staff is charming – you can even take home the cookbook. Picante is an innovative Caribbean-Mexican hybrid near the resort. Mango is a must for a change of perspective and fresh variations. Jacala on Meads Bay Beach serves up French cuisine so good that reservations are a must. Still hungry? Veya and Dolce Vita near Sandy Ground offer even more culinary adventures.

nightlife, anyone?

Locals amble to their own drummer on Anguilla; it’s a small place and a close-knit family. You could be on a first-name basis with local bar owners like Elvis, and you might become a reggae regular at Bankie Banks’ club and his renowned Moonsplash festival. At the Pumphouse on Sandy Ground, you can listen to live music with your feet in the sand. Anguilla is truly the Caribbean with its soul intact.

a caribbean jewel

Anguilla is the Caribbean at its most intimate and irresistible. Its location in the British West Indies gives it endless sunshine, cooling breezes and calm waters year round. Just 16 miles long, it’s perfect for exploring and excursions. And best of all, Anguilla is easy to get to – under four hours from New York and under three hours from Miami.

A Flavor of the Caribbean on Anguilla
For years, Anguilla lived in the shadow of its much smaller—though notoriously swankier—neighbor, St. Barts. More recently, Anguilla has made headlines for its upscale resorts, pristine white-sand beaches, and its diverse and delicious culinary scene. The island’s exceptional dining options were a well-kept secret for years—one that rivaled any in the Caribbean, including St. Barts. Today, the island’s food is as much of a tourism draw as is its picturesque stretches of surf and sand.
Anguilla’s Resort Way of Life
The white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea serve as a siren’s call for most—if not all—travelers looking for a tropical getaway. Many decades ago, discerning jetsetters in search of five-star treatment at isolated luxury resorts had only a handful of options throughout the entire Caribbean; but today exceptional seaside properties exist on most of the Caribbean isles. Even the island of Bequia, only seven square miles in size, is home to an upscale hotel and resort.
Anguilla’s Authentic Island Culture
For some people, kicking back for a week at a beautiful island resort is the ideal getaway. For others, a Caribbean holiday is more complete when it allows them to get a taste of the island’s culture—to feel like they’ve genuinely experienced and connected with that exotic locale. While most islands in the Caribbean have a distinct native culture to share, some—whether it’s because of difficult geography, limited infrastructure, or even safety issues for travelers—make it difficult for visitors to connect with it outside of their resorts. Anguilla is not one of those places.
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